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Good news! 

Registration for Centrum’s 2023 Jazz Port Townsend is open! 

I wanted to remind you that I announced last year that players would have the chance to earn a scholarship by doing some transcriptions. I’m here to tell you it’s true! 

Anyone who completes five transcriptions from the list here will receive a $200 tuition scholarship for this year. And if you complete three more for a total of 8, you’ll get an additional $100. That’s $300 for doing one of the most valuable things a musician can do—internalize great music.

This letter includes directions (at the end) for submitting your transcription. We just wanted to let you know now so you could dive in and get started.  


We want to make sure everyone has a chance to be successful at this. With that in mind, our three audition levels—Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, and Semi-Pro—have different requirements. 


Beginner/Intermediate: Transcribe the melody 

Advanced: Transcribe the melody plus one chorus of the solo 

Semi-Pro: Transcribe the melody and the entire solo.

Note: Exceptions to the amount to be transcribed will be explained following the song title. 

  • Bass players are encouraged to memorize solos but it is permissible to write out bass lines. 
  • Drummers are encouraged to “lock in with the grooves” on the recordings.
  • Pianists are encouraged to learn left and right hands, not just the right (although Tamir has done a great job of being specific about that).  

Here is your “To Do List.”

  1. Choose your songs and begin transcribing. We encourage people to learn by ear and not write out anything. 
  2. Submit your transcription recording of yourself playing along with the track. Take a few minutes to check for a good balance between you and the recorded track. We need to be able to hear you clearly! State your name at the beginning of each track.

IMPORTANT! Submit your recording as an MP3! Other formats use up too much memory.

And That’s It!!  We’ll send you a certificate acknowledging Centrum crediting you with up to $300 for your growth after the submission deadline! 


We will confirm scholarships by April 15, 2023.  Thank you!!


Your fan, 

John Clayton
Artistic Director
Jazz Port Townsend

2023 Faculty

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.