Welcome to Centrum's Local Artist Studio Space Residency!

 Beginning in mid-2024, local artists residing in Jefferson County, WA can be considered for Centrum's Local Artist Studio Space Residency program. This is a workspace residency only and does not include lodging. This application serves as a way for Centrum to gather contact information for those looking solely for short-term studio space access. It is not a juried program. 

At times, we have available studio space due to cancellations or other factors. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to local artists in need of workspace. One of the benefits of participating in the Local Artist Studio Space Residency program is that every Tuesday morning residents meet at our Residency Lounge to talk about their work, learn about Centrum, Fort Worden, and Port Townsend, and most importantly, connect with each other. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet visiting artists in residency coming from afar, and truly embodies Centrum's key ethos of creativity in community!

We look forward to including you in our roster of local artists interested in studio space!


Details and logistics of the Local Artist Studio Space Residency

1. Interested parties apply through this application portal to be included in a Local Artist registry for those interested in studio space as it becomes available

2. Depending on availability, on a monthly or quarterly basis Centrum staff will email out if there are studio spaces available with dates and studio space specifications.

3. Those interested can email back indicating they would like to use the studio(s). If there is more interest than availability, names will be chosen at random from a hat.

4. Local artists cannot do more than one residency per year.

5. Studios range from $50 - $100/week with limited scholarships available.



Centrum's residency programs are aimed at providing artists, writers, and creatives in all disciplines permission to relax, to focus, and/or re-invent their practice as needed. We believe that residencies are a central part of any artistic practice and that magic happens when you take time to reflect and focus on what matters most. We also believe that community matters, and that being in residence alongside others expands networks, fosters collectivity and friendship, and helps our arts ecosystem thrive. We encourage all applicants to read all about what Centrum Residencies offer here